Social Innovation is the new marketing.

Brand activism is the new sex.

This is where we capture our thoughts and commentary on news, views and events from around the globe to provoke discussion and inspire transformation through social innovation, corporate responsibility, brand purpose and social impact.

Brand Activism: Stand for Something, Before Taking a Stand

Brand Activism isn’t really meant to be this impulsive, reactionary or a convenient play for PR  — unless it’s driven by fear. It stems from a commitment to a core purpose over time and if it to have commercial clout it should lie at the intersection of what the brand uniquely offers, the world needs and what people want.

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Climate Action

Companies tackling climate action could lead the future.. Brian P Kelly | Strategist Click here to listen to this article as a podcast Source Iceland just held a funeral for its first glacier lost to Climate Change. Dozens of people, including Iceland's prime minister...

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