Grounded World: An Award-Winning Boutique Marketing Agency.

Grounded World is a boutique marketing agency with decades of experience in sustainability marketing and social impact. We help brands, retailers, nonprofits and startups activate their brand purpose and create positive change, because we believe that making money and making a difference should go hand in hand. As a certified B Corporation boutique marketing firm, we meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact, and we want to help you do the same.

Meet the Founders.

After spending more than two decades working for the biggest brands at some of the world’s largest network agencies, we decided that just selling stuff, isn’t good enough anymore. That making money and making a difference should no longer be competing forces. And that convening the right partners with the right mindset and experience around the world’s biggest problems can result in exponential transformation and social impact. So, we left our agency life and started our own boutique marketing agency  –

Grounded is a place where great people and smart thinking inspire good ideas. Where brands can do better and grow more responsibly, using the power of purchase to change the world. We are proud to be a certified B-corporation and maintain the very highest standards of environmental and social governance.


Big brand experience packed into a little boutique.

Grounded World is B-corp certified boutique marketing agency. We bring nearly a quarter century’s worth of experience, award-winning creative and best-in-class strategy to your business. Flexible, fluid and fearless, we can pop up, plug in, or execute and deliver end-to-end. Our nimble boutique marketing agency approach, complemented by the latest tech means we can work in whatever style works best for you and your budget.

Buying stuff is easy.
Making good choices can be hard.

We believe the way people shop and the brands that they buy have the power to change the world and that every purchase should be a step towards a more sustainable future. Consumerism now comes with a conscience and so must business.

Ways of Working.

We can just pop up and run workshops, design sprints, presentations and thought-leadership

We can plug-in to existing teams and work-flows to build capacity and in-house capabilities

We can make it turnkey by providing full service creative agency solutions end-to-end 

We also open-source our IP, invest in start-up social enterprises and make our client the CEO (which is why we don’t need one).

It’s time to get grounded.