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We are multi-award winning, B-corp certified social impact agency thriving at the intersection of brand experience, commercial innovation and social impact. We work exclusively with purposeful brands, retailers, startups and nonprofits – helping them to articulate their purpose, activate their brands and accelerate their impact.

We are women led and well on our way to becoming zero net certified. We open-source our IP, invest in the start-up social enterprises that we help accelerate and donate 5% or our gross revenue to nonprofits every year. 

“Grounded is my go-to resource for activating partnerships between brands, businesses, and non-profits in order to drive significant change in the world.”

Transform Your Brand Purpose Into Profit

As a certified B-corp, we know how to help you transform your brand purpose into profit and create value by doing good.

We work with brands, retailers, startups, and nonprofits all over the world to ensure that their brand purpose is simply and powerfully articulated so that the WHY of brand purpose unlocks the WAY of profit (or revenue) with complete clarity, confidence and authenticity.

We co-create the best ideas, content, experiences and campaigns at the moments that matter to close the intention-action gap and make sustainable buying decisions more aspirational and rewarding.

We create partnerships between brands, retailers, start-ups and nonprofits – creating a flywheel effect of economic, social and environmental impact – powered by artistry, storytelling, workshops, design sprints, technology and thought leadership.

And then, we work closely and cross-functionally with brand, marketing, commerce, sustainability, CSR, Impact, PR and executive leadership teams to help navigate, integrate and activate your efforts inside and out — consistently — across every touchpoint to scale the business and accelerate your social impact. 

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It’s time to get grounded

It’s time to get grounded