Over the past several years, CPG giants and retailers have announced ambitious ESG goals.  From Nestle to Pepsi, from CVS to Target– these companies are pledging to tackle waste, emissions and social inequity.  At the same time, shoppers have started to expect more from the brands they buy, and are actively seeking to support businesses that have a positive impact on our planet and society.   And yet, a large intention-action gap remains.   Shoppers aren’t choosing the brands and stores that are making a difference as much as we would expect.  Why?

One reason is that few brands and retailers are partnering to communicate their commitments, achievements, and benefits right at the moment of truth, when the shopper is on a mission and in the right mindset to buy.

That’s why Grounded World and Sustainable Brands have published a guidebook that can help: Retail Activation for Good.  We compiled a set of ten guiding principles and highlighted many inspirational examples to help guide brands and retailers through the process.  For example, always try to tie your sustainability initiative back to the category need state or purchase drivers– like Tide did in its #TurnToCold campaign.  Or follow the lead of Sephora Stands, and let your values speak louder than price.

If you’re just kicking off your annual brand or commercial planning process, this is the perfect time to dig in. Find out more about the guidebook, key principles and case studies here or to make an introductory call click here