Grounded is a b-corp certified agency, and proud of it. We do our level best to uphold the highest standards of social and environmental governance and always strive to balance purpose and profit. We’ve gotten pretty good at saying no, we don’t pitch and we work on a referral-only basis. We make our intellectual property open-source, don’t have a CEO and we’re also completely virtual.

As a b-corp certified agency, we’ve built an operating model that allows us to be flexible, fluid and fearless where our partners (50% of whom are ex-clients) run their own businesses and we provide them with all the strategy, creative, technology and operational support they need to get the job done. In fact, we operate more like a platform than an agency. Client consultancy, co-creativity and collaboration drive our way of working; we redistribute ownership and equity; we prize network connectivity and community-based relationships over everything else; and we bill all of our partners at the same rate, and everyone knows exactly how much money we’re making and where it all goes.

You can read more about the principles that underpin our operating model here in FORBES