Photo by Danica Tanjutco on Unsplash

This article recently hit our in-box and does a great job of underscoring why we are hearing more about “purpose” from today’s brands and businesses. According to this study by Benevity, there are  6 key moments that have contributed to this dramatic shift. I won’t steal their thunder and strongly suggest you read their full article here. But the net net is that “purpose” is not a trend. It’s a movement. Purpose is not a warm fuzzy message you print on the back of business cards for employees and consumers. It’s a rallying cry that must permeate to the very core of your business. And when done well, it does so much more than give you a lighthouse to follow— it is also a beacon that attracts and retains employees, drives purchase of products, and engagement with your brands and services.

The study also provides a good caution for “green washing”. A purpose must be a relevant and authentic driving force behind a brand. One they are deeply committed to pursuing. And hopefully something that drives positive change in the world — something we are very passionate about at Grounded.

And the really good news? It’s simply the right thing to do.